Wednesday, December 2, 2009

- .HoD. - Happy Holidays Bulletin Board (Green Background)

Season's greeting everyone! I wanted to do something cute and festive for all of you to enjoy in your home this holiday season. So, I decided to do a cute spin on the very first product I made.

This board is a holiday version of the Ultimate Bulletin Board that I made a while back.
However, it's got a lot less prims this time! So it won't take up any room along with your other
decorations :)


3 Holiday Textured Polaroids for you to customize

3 Thumbtacks to keep those pictures up

2 texture options (green and red quilt)

1 Christmas stocking with texture change AND an inventory drop script (just open contents and drop inside!)

5 Blinking Holiday Lights that are Gridwide Teleporters (again, open contents, drop in landmark)

There are 32 prims *total* to this board, but you can pick and choose what you want to reduce the prim usage, of course.

Warm Holiday Wishes,

~Aydan Darcy

- .HoD.

Get it for *50L* at:

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