Friday, January 1, 2010

Imitation is NOT Flattery

I'd like to start off this New Year by standing up and defending my work. I find it a very sad thing that the jewelry piece that I made to commemorate a memory with a friend was stolen and has been sold as a nasty joke.

Sadly enough, I'm not the first person that this has happened to.
I'm sure I won't be the last either.

But I'm not going to allow another "bigger" label to bully me anymore.
No one should have to stand by and watch their creativity and hard work go down the drain so someone else can make a quick buck.


On Friday, January 22, 2010

The images that I posted on Flickr displaying the comparison dates and work of the store owner who ripped my work off has been taken down by Flickr.
Why? Because that person decided to contest it 21 days after I posted this blog and the photos in question.

It also just so happens that today
was - .HoD. -'s Fifty Linden Friday debut.

Coincidence? Nope. Deliberate.

Follow up soon to come.

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