Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Copybotted - .HoD. - Items

I suppose that once you have your own shop items copybotted..
it's got to mean that you've made it. Right? :P

Just a little post here to state the obvious:
- .HoD. - Items are only created by me,
Aydan Darcy.

At any time, if you see a copybotted item that was origionally made by- .HoD. -
please be sure to contact me immediately.

If you receive an - .HoD. - item as a gift..
and it does not come directly from myself,
list Aydan Darcy as the creator,
or was not sent to you from Xstreet
Please contact me and send me a sceenshot.
I promise I'll not shoot the messenger!

(Thank you to the fellow that was kind enough to send me
this particular photo and file an abuse report!)

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