Friday, June 24, 2011

- .HoD. - for CHS Photocontest

CHS Photocontest

* The Theme of your Photos should be one (or more) of the Four Seasons. This can be reflected in either what you wear or the scenery (or both!)

* The contest is open for participation in 3 different categories: Female, Male & Couples. You may submit a photo for multiple categories. But only ONE photo will be allowed for each.
- Keep in mind that you won't be able to win multiple categories if you submit in this fashion. Also, please don't use alts to submit multiple entries, 'cause that will only get all of your entries disqualified as well as make us point & laugh at you.

* Photos must be submitted to the Flickr Photo Pool for this contest in order to be entered:
Click here for CHS Flickr Pool

* You must use Products from 2 of the 3 stores in your photo. This could be an HoD necklace with a dress from Sassy Kitty, a tattoo from CoLLisions with a piercing from HoD… you get the idea. Bonus points if the guys use clothing from Sassy Kitty (we know some of you guys really love those low cut jeans, mmhmm).
- Each of the products used need to be credited in the Description of your Photo.

* Tasteful nudity is allowed, but please keep the nature & subject of your photo within the realm of "art" as opposed to "pornographic". Yes we know that there are different perceptions of this rule, but the final decision of how artistic or not your submission is will be made by the 3 store owners.

* Entries will be judged solely by Aydan Darcy, Guenevere DeCuir & Kinu Mayako.

* Submissions will not be accepted after July 6th, 2011.


~ And now the PRIZES! ~

Each Category winner will receive…

* $5000L Cash + $1000L Gift Voucher from Sassy Kitty Designs
**** $ 1,000 Gift Voucher + Free Items from Haus of Darcy***
* $1500L Gift Voucher + a Special Limited Edition Item from CoLLisions

◉❖◉ A Grand total of over $10, 000L in prizes PER WINNER! ◉❖◉

Good luck and we can't wait to see your entries!


In addition to the stated prizes originally mentioned in this contest, - .HoD. - will be awarding a $2,000L cash prize as well as displaying the winning photo @ the Mainstore.

PLEASE be sure to include your full SL name in each photo entry!

Every - .HoD. - entry will recieve a pre-released piercing set before it goes on sale!


- .HoD. - Mainstore

Collisions Mainstore

Sassy Kitty Mainstore

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