Saturday, June 15, 2013


- .HoD. -  will be having a 50% off gift card sale Friday - Sunday 
(May 14 -May 16).  These gift cards can be used throughout the store 
and are redeemed at full price, so you'll be receiving 50% off any item you wish to purchase. 

Gift card amounts range from L$ 120 - L$ 2,000 and can be 
redeemed at any time. All cards are transferable, so you can buy 
some for yourself, and also send gift cards to your friends and family.

These cards can also be used to purchase the new 
"Scorpio's Simplicity Part 2" Piercing, available this weekend at 

(Please be sure to read the "info" note card on how to use and redeem your gift cards.)

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