Saturday, December 14, 2013

- .HoD. - for The Rack

| K Y O |

As yesterday was the sneak peek of the Kyou set, 
today for The Rack, the Kyo set is being introduced.

The Kyo set is exclusively packaged in a 3 metal combo
(Razor, Slide, Silver Lining) for The Rack event.

Includes (As Shown In The Photo):

● 1 Facial Piercing

● 2 Cartilage Piercings

● 2 Lobe Piercings

(As this is a 3 metal set, there will be 15 total pieces - 5 pieces per metal)

100% ORIGINAL MESH, Copy, Modify, UNISEX

░░  200L  ░░

VIP MEMBERS: Wear your - .HoD. - Haus of Darcy tags
for 20% off this set!

This is another 24 HOUR EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE!

After this weekend, both of the Kyou and Kyo sets will be available
in the full 12 metal collection. Date to be announced, so be sure
to join the - .HoD. - Subscribo to be notified of when these sets 
are released.

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