Monday, December 23, 2013

- .HoD. - Haus of Darcy VIP Group Only Bonuses

- . HoD. - Haus of Darcy VIP Group Members!

Until December 31st, there will be a FREE gift card for 50L
for all of you to come claim while wearing your tags. 

In combination with this gift card, and wearing your group tag, 
this will entitle you to a product of your choice at HALF OFF, or less!

All VIP Group Only items are half off until the end of the month, too.

The December VIP Group Only item is the new 
"Fast Hardbeat" MESH Facial Piercing.
It is specially priced and available only to members until 
the end of the month. 
100% ORIGINAL MESH, Unisex, Copy/Modify, and all 12 Signature Metals.

To claim your VIP items, visit:

T H E  H A U S  C O L L E C T I O N for the Gift Card and "Fast Hardbeat"

- .HoD. - E A R L Y W O R K S for the full range of VIP Group Only items.

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